What is Smartcar's Tesla API?

Smartcar’s API for Tesla allows web and mobile apps to locate, unlock, and read the odometer from Tesla vehicles.

Compatible Tesla models
Smartcar's Tesla API lets developers build web and mobile apps fast and easiliy. It is compatible with Tesla telematics for all models, including the Model S, Model X, Model 3, and upcoming Model Y. Apart from Tesla vehicles, the API is also compatible with a dozen other car brands.

* Tesla, the Tesla logo, and its respective model names are a trademark of Tesla Inc. and does not indicate endorsement of or affiliation with Smartcar.
Tesla API authorization flow

API reference

Smartcar’s API reference lists all API endpoints and how to use them. Code samples are written in cURL, Python, Node.js, and Java. Examples of API endpoints include:


Smartcar’s API offers three front-end and three back-end SDKs to help you integrate our API into your mobile or web app.


Connect is Smartcar’s OAuth2 authorization flow. It allows users to give an application access to their Tesla vehicles based on a set of granular permissions.

Getting started guide

This guide provides detailed instructions on how to make your first request to the Tesla API using a cloned Smartcar starter kit. Code samples are provided in Node.js, Python, and Java.

Integration guides

The following guides you walk through the steps of integrating Smartcar’s Tesla API using different application architectures.

Get a free API key

Using Smartcar's API is free for up to 100 API requests per month. After signing up on Smartcar's dashboard, shoot us an email with the coupon code "electric" to receive an addtional 200 API calls for free.